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What is a Nomination of Beneficiary?
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By Ershad Ullah On July 19, 2023

Nomination of Beneficiary: Completing a valid nomination means your superannuation benefit should be distributed to the people you choose, and not your estate, on your death.

Nomination of Beneficiary: Who can you nominate?

Under superannuation law, you can nominate the following:

  • Your spouse or de facto spouse, including same-sex partners, or
  • Children including step and adopted children, children of your spouse, and other children within the meaning of the Family Law Act 1975, or
  • Individuals who are financially dependent on you at the time of your death, or
  • Your legal personal representative (either the executor under your will or a person(s) granted letters of
  • administration for your estate if you die without having left a valid will), or
  • Someone in an interdependent relationship with you. This is a close personal relationship between two people who live together, where one or both of them provide for the financial and domestic support and personal care of the other.
Get the full article as a PDF