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Ershad Ullah


Ershad is an accomplished accountant with over 15 years of experience. Renowned for his exceptional professionalism, he has garnered a reputation for delivering outstanding service to his clients, particularly in the realms of property investment and business consultation.

Passionate about empowering his clients to achieve greater financial success, Ershad offers expert advice on diverse areas, including tax minimization, investment properties, start-up business structures, business restructurings for asset protection coupled with future growth, and exit strategies. With a dedicated and enthusiastic team of accountants, Ershad has propelled the Investax office to new heights.

When meeting with Ershad, clients not only benefit from the insights of a qualified and registered accountant but also from the wisdom of an experienced property investor with multiple successful ventures under his belt. As a business owner committed to excellence, Ershad’s guidance goes beyond conventional accounting, making him a valuable asset for anyone seeking financial growth and prosperity.