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What is Negative Gearing and how does it affect my tax return for an investment property?

Negative Gearing occurs when the expenses of owning an investment property, including loan interest, exceed the rental income received. This creates a loss, which you can offset against other income to reduce your overall taxable income.

For instance, consider Alex, who purchases an investment property, earning $25,000 annually in rent, but incurs $18,000 in loan interest and $10,000 in other expenses like maintenance and management fees, totalling $28,000 in costs. This scenario leaves Alex with a $3,000 loss due to his expenses exceeding his rental income, a situation known as negative gearing. Alex can then deduct this $3,000 investment property loss from his other taxable income, say a salary of $80,000, effectively reducing it to $77,000 and lowering his overall tax liability.