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Calculated Tax


Based on your current taxable income $0 your estimated tax is $0.

Taxable Income $0
Calculated Tax $0
Medicare Levy $0
How to use the Income Tax Calculator

The Income Tax Calculator is a tool designed to help you calculate your total taxable income after factoring in various sources of income and deductible expenses. Follow the steps below to utilize the calculator effectively:

  • Wage Income — Enter the total amount of income you earn from wages, salaries, or any other employment-related earnings.

  • Deductions — Include any deductions from your income, such as retirement contributions, health insurance premiums, or student loan interest. These deductions reduce your taxable income.

  • Donations — If you've made any charitable donations throughout the tax year, enter the total amount here. Charitable donations may be tax-deductible and can help lower your taxable income.

  • Investment Income — Input the total income earned from investments, such as dividends, interest, or rental income.

  • Net Capital Gains — If you've realized any capital gains or losses from the sale of assets, enter the net capital gains amount here. This includes gains or losses from the sale of stocks, real estate, or other investments after accounting for any associated costs.

  • Business Income — If you're self-employed or own a business, enter the total income generated from your business activities.

  • Business Deductions — Include any business-related expenses that are eligible for deduction, such as office rent, utilities, business travel, or professional fees.

Click on the "Calculate" button to determine your total taxable income after accounting for all sources of income and deductions.


This tool is designed to assist in calculating your total taxable income after factoring in various sources of income and deductible expenses. However, it should not be considered a comprehensive assessment of your total income tax obligations. The calculator is tailored exclusively for Australian resident taxpayers. If you have complex financial situations or are uncertain about certain aspects of your taxes, it is recommended to consult with a qualified tax professional or accountant for personalized advice and verification of your calculations. Should you require further assistance, please consider reaching out to Investax for a professional assessment of your calculation.

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