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Defy Gunadi

Defy Gunadi

Email: [email protected]

Total Posts: 10

Defy brings over 15 years of extensive experience in Business Accounting, SMSF Tax, Property Tax, Individual with High Net Worth, Trust Accounting & Tax. She had a large clientbase of more than 300+ with which includes property developers, investors, café and restaurant owners, retail/shop owners, medical practitioners, barristers, web designers, and many others. Beyond being a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), Defy is an accomplished property investor herself. She is also a Xero Certified Adviser.

Defy Gunadi's Posts

Comprehensive Tax Planning Strategies for 2024: A Unified Tax Guide for Individuals, Property Investors, and Business Owners

Recently, we have written three separate articles detailing tax planning strategies for various types of taxpayers. In this article, we’ve condensed everything into a bite-sized news piece. As the end of the financial year approaches, strategic tax planning becomes imperative for all taxpayers. Whether you’re an individual, a property investor, or a small business owner, […]

Year-End Tax Planning Toolkits for Individual Taxpayers

As we enter June 2024 proves to be a pivotal year for general taxpayers, property investors, and business owners. With inflation hitting hard, a vast majority of Australians are struggling to afford basic necessities, let alone save money. The Reserve Bank’s ongoing battle against inflation has led to frequent interest rate hikes, resulting in substantial […]

Investment Property Deductions: Expenses You Should Claim With Caution

Investment Property Deductions The majority of property owners in Australia purchase investment properties because they offer both capital appreciation and a steady income stream in the form of rental income. According to the latest ATO data, over 2.2 million Australians own at least one investment property. This shows that the ATO not only keeps track […]

Investment Property Tax Guide – Common Property Expenses You Can’t Claim on Your Taxes

Investment Property Tax Guide Recently, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has announced that property expense claims will be a focal point of their scrutiny. This initiative stems from observations that some taxpayers tend to overclaim their investment property expenses. Even those who enlist the services of an accountant are not safe to these discrepancies. In […]

Air BNB Tax & Deductions

Are you leveraging your home as an Air BNB to rent out a space for additional income, or considering it to offset the rising interest expenses following recent Reserve Bank adjustments? If so, it’s crucial to be aware of your tax responsibilities and the potential deductions available for your incurred expenses. Our series has extensively […]

Revised Stage 3 Tax Cut is Official – Discover How Your Income Increases from July 1

Picture this: July rolls around and your paycheck seems just a bit heavier than it did in the last fortnight of June. For middle-income earners across Australia, this isn’t just wishful thinking—it’s about to become reality. In a significant overhaul of tax legislation, the Australian government has revised the previously proposed Stage 3 tax cuts, […]

5 Compelling Reasons to Operate Your Business from a Company Structure

Business Structure: 5 Powerful Reasons operating Business Are you considering starting your own venture, already managing your business as a sole trader, or an entrepreneur assessing whether your existing business structure aligns with your goals? If so, this article is tailored for you.  For new business owners, approaching entrepreneurship with a clear understanding and realistic […]

Explore 6 Essential Reasons to Choose a Discretionary/Family Trust for Your Business.

6 Reasons for Discretionary or Family Trust in Your Business: Are you thinking of starting a business and wondering which structure is best for your new venture? Small businesses in Australia are undeniably the backbone of our economy, playing a pivotal role in its strength and resilience. Astonishingly, 97% of all businesses in the country […]

Key Considerations for Reporting Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

As businesses navigate the intricacies of Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 (STP Phase 2), several critical factors emerge that require attention and understanding. The introduction of this phase aims to streamline reporting processes, but grasping the nuances is essential to ensure accurate payroll management and compliance. Reporting Relevant Employee Information When determining the correct amount […]